Special Reports

NY Rising - Kevin Reilly on Being an Activist and His Own Lift

Long Beach resident Kevin Reilly talks about being an activist, continued issues with NY Rising and his own house lift.

2015 Year ... In Rhyme

2015 - The Year In Rhyme

As 2015 comes to a close,

we thought it wise to mention those


Who made this year one we'll we'll recall

But forgive us if we don't name all


But let's start early with the late Yogi Berra

A cheer for this icon of his era


Soldier, champion catcher, linguist

And the future franchise Knick Porzingis!


And what about the price of gas

Ryan Seacrest, Jazz greats Marsalis


To the Queens Chambers' exec

Former energy man, Thomas Grech


To the metro area business thriller

The newly wide eyed Adrian Miller


Three areas codes now put their trust in

My ubiquitous buddy, David Gussin


The sports poetry of Walt Clyde Frazier

and if the NRA or Self driving cars don't phase ya


What of the same sex marriage clerk Kim Davis?

We Hail New York's finest, New York's bravest,


Fashion's Christian Dior,

Karl Lagerfeld, J-Lo - there's more!


This season Tommy Hilfiger's so jolly,

And so's Giambattista Valli,


Merry Business in this part of the planet

To Long Beach Chamber's Mark, Mike and Janet


And in this Presidential Stump,

There's Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump,


A republican ticket could be quite a pair

(The Donald's Veep might be his hair)


A toast to Sting, Ahmad Jamal, Chris Walken

Bah humbug to team Volkswagen


Holidays best to Google's Page and Brin

The one percent's Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim


This year ushered Princess Charlotte's birth

We wish joy to the long lived man of mirth


90 year old Dick Van Dyke

Pope Francis, and the Fed rate hike


We're concerned for the health of Charlie Sheen,

Lamar Odom, climate change, Joel Olstein,


Our hearts are warmed by the climate accord

We check under the tree for


Able healthcare for all of us regular folks

And escape by laughing at Louis CK's jokes


To Michael Moore and Michael Kay

The cast of Hamilton on Broadway


A loving thought a special word

To all the family Weisenberg


And admiration we exude

For Amy Schumer's posing nude


God speed is wished Jen and Justin by us

As we look away from Miley Cyrus


Triple Crown wishes to American Pharoah

Billy Joel, Springsteen, Paul and Ringo


Holiday cheer to Justin Bieber

Han Solo, Chewie, General Lia


And a hearty Deck the Hall

To Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal

And audio greetings please discern

For Mad Dog, Mike and Howard Stern

To hoops wizard Stephan Curry

Lebron, Eli Manning, Kobie


To Odell Beckham and Spike Lee

To Ashton Kutcher, Dick Vitale


We raise a glass to Taylor Swift

Let Sanders and Fiorina have no holiday rift,


a toast to Katy Perry, Uber

And to America's new friend, Cuba


A sad word for the late lion, Cecil

And to Vlad Putin, Angela Merkel


Joy to Mary Tyler Moore

and the Dark Star orchestra

Concern for countless refugees

The downhill trend of Bill Cosby


To the transformed Caitlyn Jenner

And the champion women of U.S. Soccer


Tuneful greetings to Adele,

to Skelos and speaker Silver: farewell


To Martin Skreli and Harendra Singh

I'm afraid we do not wish a thing

oh, wait, on second thought a wish we do

A  New Horizons trip to Pluto!


to Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, George Clooney

to the Mara's - Tim, and actress Rooney


To the Weinsteins, Dustin Hoffman and to

Israel's Benny Netanyahu

To the New York Rangers, Islanders, Mets

The Yankees, Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets


To Jon Hamm, to Gwyneth Paltrow

To Thrones' apparently passed on Jon Snow


A healthy happy holiday we mean a

Joyful one to the amazing Serena,


And so this hot December day

to Oprah and Doc Phil we say


To the Bushes, and Obamas

To all Papas, to all Mamas


To every living girl and boy

Our wish for peace our ode to joy


What's Up With NY Rising - Kevin Riley - Part 2

NY Rising - Activist Kevin Riley talks about Governor Cuomo, Charities Paying for Parts of the 50/50, and NY Rising's Impact on the Tax Rolls

SPECIAL REPORT - Activist Kevin Riley - What's Up With NY Rising

In part 1 of this Special Report, Long Beach Community Activist Kevin Riley talks about the NY Rising Program, which seems to have stopped moving forward.

Assemblyman Takes Family's Cancer Fight to the Governor

Long Beach - In a candid interview, Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg shares about his family's battle with cancer in hopes that Governor Cuomo will sign landmark legislation putting expiration dates on sun screen.

Dr. Gruber of Local Civic Assoc. Pleads for More Care

What injuries or illnesses can Long Beach's new South Nassau Urgent Care facility treat?

Dr. Martin Gruber of the Beach to Bay Civic Association talks about the City of Long Beach's need for a 24-hour, full service hospital.

New York State, the ultimate arbiter, he claims, agrees.

South Nassau Urgent Care Opens at Long Beach

Long Beach residents have been calling for the restoration of Long Beach Hospital since the facility was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. This week South Nassau Hospital, based in Oceanside, opened an Urgent Care Center in what had been the parking lot at the western end of the former hospital's complex.

The urgent care center, which operates during daytime hours and does not treat emergency room-type injuries or illness, is the first in what officials hope will be a multi-step process, culminating in 24 hour, emergency room services, but only when the State health officials give the go-ahead.

Ribbon cutting ceremonies included South Nassau Hospital administrators, N.Y. State Senators Skelos and Hannon, Long Beach's own Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, and Long Beach City Manager Jack Schnirman.

Senator Skelos discusses the facility with an eye toward the future.

NY Rising - Baffled in Baldwin

Marilyn Cohen and her daughter Tara Otero have found themselves living together as a result of Sandy-related oil damage to Marilyn's home and difficulty navigating NY Rising.

Conundrum in Copiague

Her insurance money was spent lifting her grandfather's house, but now she's living in a trailer and has nothing left to finish the job.

Coming Back on Kent Road - Island Park, Post-Sandy

Coming Back on Kent Road - Residents on this Island Park street are struggling with too little insurance money and government re-build programs. Instead many are slowly making their own way ... with their own funds.

NY Rising - A Contractor Revisited

When we last spoke with contractor Ben Jackson, he was frustrated with the insurance requirements of NY Rising and the pace at which the program was developing.

What are Ben's views, six weeks later?

NY Rising - Jon Kaiman Returns

On 1-20-14 Jon Kaiman returned to Freeport's Unitarian Universalist Church for an update on the NY Rising program.

Kaiman explained that many applications will receive the first half of their award in the coming weeks.

He also explains a few changes in the program: applicants must be either in the 100 year flood plain or their homes must be deemed substantially damaged, not both, as had previously been the case.

The contents portion of SBA loans are not considered duplication of benefits.

Interviews with Anna Ervolina of Long Beach and Susan Goldstone of Oceanside follow.

Long Beach Hospital - Civic Perspectives - 2

In Part 2, County Legislator Denise Ford, attorneys Michael Berman, Frank McQuade, and other residents discuss the future of Long Beach Hospital.

Long Beach Hospital - Civic Perspectives - 1

Residents of Long Beach, many members of civic associations, along with former hospital employees and support, voice the need for a hospital and advocate for the hospital's reopening.

NY Rising - Struggling in Seaford, Part 3

Seaford Resident and former NYC Firefighter Steve Conklin talks about his struggles with NY Rising and trying to rebuild his home.

NY Rising - Struggling in Seaford, Part 2

Seaford resident and former NYC Firefighter Steve Conklin talks about his struggles with NY Rising and trying to rebuild his home.

NY Rising - Struggling in Seaford, Part 1

Seaford resident and former NYC firefighter Steve Conklin talks about his struggles with NY Rising and trying to rebuild his home following Hurricane Sandy.

NY Rising - Jon Kaiman Meets with Residents in Freeport

NY Rising Long Island Chief, Jon Kaiman talks to residents at a community meeting in Freeport.

NY Rising - Did It Work in Texas? Part 3

Jim Guidry of Guidry News Service, Houston TX, talks about the post-Ike Community Block Development Grants and how the Galveston area has fared since Hurricane Ike.

NY Rising - A Contractor's View

Contractor Ben Jackson discusses costs and requirements that make the NY Rising program difficult for some contractors.

NY Rising - A Sinking Feeling - Frustrated in Freeport - 1

In part 1 of this Special Report, Katie Fazekas talks about her family's struggle to restore their home.

Special Report - NY Rising - Did It Work in Texas? Part 3

In part 3, Jim Guidry of Guidry News Service of Houston TX, discusses the Galveston Recovery from Hurricane Ike.

Special Report - NY Rising - Did It Work in Texas? Part 2

In part 2 of this Special Report, Jim Guidry of Guidry News Service of Houston, discusses the Galveston TX recovery from Hurricane Ike.

Special Report - NY Rising - Did It Work in Texas? Part 1

In part 1 of this Special Report, Jim Guidry of Guidry News Service, Houston, TX, talks about how Community Block Development Grants worked there following Hurricane Ike.