The Long View - a 3D View of Issues on Long Island

Long View - Harvey's Gift, Speed Cameras & 6100

The Long View - Harvey Weisenberg's Special Gift, Nassau's Speed Camera Debacle and Form 6100.

Long View - Nassau County Speed Cameras

The Long View - Do Nassau County's new traffic speed cameras, in this case the camera on Lido Blvd., create more problems than they solve?

Long View - Oceanside's Sanitation Commissioner Election

In this episode of The Long View: we examine Oceanside's Sanitation Commissioner Election.

We comment on calls and emails we received, what constitutes news, and what happened to the votes.

Long View - Common Core Standards

The Long View examines Common Core Standards, which are Federal education mandates. Does their enforcement constitute unrealistic expectations? What possibly critical aspect of learning do they leave out? And what's the Long View?

The Long View - Taxes & Post Sandy Reconstruction

The Long View - Taxes & Post Sandy Reconstruction

How can we possibly see two sides of taxes?

Or of post-Sandy reconstruction, aka NY Rising, a program that has moved too slowly with too little transparency?

Watch The Long View, and find out!