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The First Annual Poem

The First Annual Poem


Long Beach Jazz Festival 2014 - Steve Adelson

Steve “The Stick” Adelson discusses the 2014 Long Beach Jazz Festival, featuring Stanley Jordan, Bucky Pizzarelli, Ben Lacy, Dean Brown and many many more, & his new CD, Sonic Imagination.

Harvey Weisenberg on Meet the Leaders

Recently, Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, D., N.Y. State Assembly District 20, was interviewed at the Allegria Hotel on the Long Beach boardwalk, on Meet the Leaders.

9-11-16 Commemoration by Long Beach Residents

9-11-16 A group of Long Beach residents commemorated 9-11-16 by sounding a WWII-era siren on the boardwalk at the time each of the planes hit the towers and by reading an original poem.

2014 C.U.R.B. Ride Through Long Beach

The 2014 C.U.R.B. Ride featured online registration, a course that included the new boardwalk and more riders than ever before. Learn how C.U.R.B. removes barriers for challenged citizens and watch the riders from the starting horn.

Harvey Talks - Part 2 - Sunscreen Expiration Dates, Defibrillators & CPR in Schools….

Harvey Talks - Part 2 - Bills awaiting the Governor's signature include:

Sunscreen Expiration Dates, Defibrillators & CPR in Schools, $ for Homeless Vets, Protecting our Waterways, and more...

Harvey Talks - South Nassau Urgent Care at Long Beach

Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg sat down with and discussed some of the issues of greatest concern to his constituents and action he is taking.

Part 1: South Nassau Urgent Care at Long Beach.

Odd Occurrences in Oceanside, Part 3

Michael Franzini, Candidate for the Oceanside Sanitation Commissioner position discusses the election, the uncounted votes and the Republican Party's support of his candidacy.

Odd Occurrences in Oceanside, Part 2

Candidate for Oceanside Sanitation Commissioner, Tom Lanning currently leads that race by substantially less than the number of write-in votes waiting to be counted.

Lanning points out that a "political party is involved," on his opponent's side, though he has an ongoing, working business relationship with that opponent, Mike Franzini.

"There's plenty of barking going, in the right ear and the left," says Mr. Lanning, who is anxious to see the process through to its conclusion.

State News - Harvey Looks Back & Cuomo on Heroin Legislation

News from Albany: the Governor talks about New Heroin Legislation.

Reporters Roundtable - Teacher Evaluations and Medical Marijuana.

On the eve of his retirement, Long Beach's long-time assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg talks about public service.

Odd Occurrences in Oceanside, Part 1

Oceanside's Sanitation Commissioner Election was a contest between three candidates: Tom Lanning, Mike Franzini and Stephen J. Edmondson. 

The winner? No one... yet.

Irregularities in the voting mechanism left 184 ballots uncounted and the race, which Lanning led by 98 votes, undecided and in the hands of the legal system. interviewed all three candidates, beginning with Mr. Edmondson, in part 1 of a multi-part series.


2015 Long Beach Memorial Day Parade

The 2015 Long Beach NY Memorial Day Parade - If you missed it, you can watch most of the Long Beach Memorial Day Parade right here.

Angela's House - For Medically Fragile Children

Harvey And Ellen Weisenberg Discuss Angela's House - 3 Long Island homes where medically fragile children, who need around the clock nursing care, can receive the care they need in a home setting.

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