Long Beach Waterfront Warriors

Warriors 2014 - Day 5 - Gone Fishin', Pt. Lookout Farewell

Day 5 - On Day 5, the final day of the 2014 Warriors visit, the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors went fishing (and catching!) out of Scotty's and Ted's of Pt. Lookout, then were given a heartfelt sendoff at a farewell dinner at Pt. Lookout's Bishop Molloy Center.

Warriors 2014 - Day 4 - The Beach, Surfing and The Mets

Waterfront Warriors 2014 - Day 4 - Cassandra learns to surf, but will her mom join her?

Who surfs? Who wipes out?

The Mets play the Phillies, but will the weather hold and will the Mets win?

2014 Waterfront Warriors - Day 3 - 5K Race, Parade, BBQ

2014 Waterfront Warriors, Day 3 - 5K Race, with Master Sgt. Cedric King, US Army, a double amputee who ran the 5K on blades, West End Parade, BBQ at Long Beach Catholic RS


2014 Waterfront Warriors - Day 2 - The Warriors in NYC

The 2014 Waterfront Warriors go to New York City, where they visit Ground Zero, NYC Fire Dept's Rescue 1 - the oldest firehouse in NYC, and the Top of the Rock, home of Rockefeller Center and NBC Studios.

Waterfront Warriors 2014 - Day 1 The Warriors Arrive

Waterfront Warriors 2014 - Day 1 - The Waterfront Warriors team travels by convoy to JFK, where we are escorted through security to the Jet Blue gate to meet the 2014 Warriors. Onlookers including NYC's finest and bravest show their gratitude.

A convoy of motorcycles, fire dept. vehicles and police escort the heroes back to Long Beach, where they pass beneath twin LB Fire Department arches and disembark at the Long Beach's luxury hotel, the Allegria, where a banquet and Warrior gear awaits.

Long Beach Waterfront Warriors - Fundraiser at The Inn

The 2014 Warriors Fundraiser at The Inn was another huge success.

Residents of Long Beach and beyond turned out for a great time, courtesy of Pete and his staff, raffles, an auction with great prizes -- all for a great cause.

Long Beach Waterfront Warriors
Who We Are, What We Do

The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors honors wounded, ill or injured veterans of the United States Armed Forces by bringing them and their families to Long Beach, NY for an all expense paid, week-long vacation.