Strong Beach Chef

Strong Beach Chef: Marc Bynum at HUSH Bistro - Part 2

Chef Bynum invites us into the HUSH Bistro kitchen, where we watch him cook up 3 delicacies, and we join him and J-Bird at the tasting. Bonus: Watch J-Bird's Happy Dance

Strong Beach Chef - Marc Bynum

Strong Beach Chef - Celebrity Chef and 2-time Chopped Winner, Chef Marc Bynum Welcomes J-Bird to his new restaurant, Hush Bistro in Farmingdale.

Strong Beach Chef - Tom Schaudel

In episode 2 of Strong Beach Chef - J-Bird Interviews one Long Island's leading, ground-breaking restaurateurs, Chef Tom Schaudel of Jewel by Tom Schaudel, then joins Tom in the kitchen, where he prepares several of his signature dishes.

What was J-Bird's reaction upon tasting the three dishes Tom prepared just for Strong Beach Chef?

Strong Beach Chef - The NEW Laurel Diner

J-Bird and the Strong Beach Chef Crew visit The NEW, redesigned Laurel Diner, at the corner of Laurelton Boulevard and Park Avenue in Long Beach. Co-starring luscious corned beef and cabbage!