AM-TV - Alternative Modalities

Monica Bennett - Good Things Come To Those...

Monica Bennett - Navigating Uncertainty With Faith and Courage - Good things come to those who expect them.

Monica Bennett - Empowering YOU!

Monica Bennett is an Empowerment Coach who can help you find your power, overcome challenges, reach goals and believe in yourself.

Eileen Lichtenstein - Stress and Anger Management In The Workplace

Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance and Power talks about Stress and Anger Management In The Workplace, Dealing with Difficult People and Time and Stress Management

Eileen Lichtenstein - How EFT Can Help You!

Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance & Power explains how EFT can address a variety of unwanted conditions and feelings, followed by a free demonstration.

Lorena Clark TV - Skin Shift DNA Skin Care

Lorena talks about Qivana's Skin Shift, which delivers personalized skin care based on the user's DNA.

Lorena Clark TV - Core & Prime

On Alternative Modalities TV - Lorena talks about Qivana's Core System for Optimal Aging and the Prime Activator for Cardiovascular Health.

Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak Performance Success Coach!

On Alternative Modalities TV: Eileen Lichtenstein is a Peak Performance Success Coach who uses a variety of modalities to help her clients succeed.

Lorena Clark TV - The Metaboliq System from Qivana

Lorena Clark-TV - Lorena talks about resetting your metabolism, feeling younger, having less cravings but more energy with the Metaboliq System. Great for diabetics and for weight loss too!

Lorena Clark TV - Who I am, How We Change

An introduction to Lorena T. Clark - who she is, and how people can change their lives beginning with breakfast and a little exercise.