The Elder Care Advocates

Seniors and Dementia

06.26.14 09:09:56

Coping with a family member or friend with dementia or Alzheimers can be stressful, frustrating and frightening.

Learn how to engage with the elderly person with dementia and to keep him or her engaged in a meaningful, loving way, while maintaining your own quality of life.

Elder Care Advocates - When A Senior Should Stop Driving

05.14.14 10:41:27

Elder Care Advocates - Mark and Dave discuss: When A Senior Should Stop Driving, the emotional and financial pitfalls, and, alternatives.

Elder Care Advocates - Technology for Seniors

03.27.14 11:03:10

Elder Care Advocates - Technology for Seniors: Learning and communication tools, and protective technology for the home.

The Elder Care Advocates - How to Pay for Care, Part 1

01.05.14 08:52:20

The Advocates discuss how to pay for care.