Anti-Drug Show: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction in Family, School, and Community

RIP LB-TV - Dec. 2014

11.23.14 14:56:04

RIP LB-TV - Dec. 2014 - Kara and Jennifer talk about: The Power of Hugs, The Tool of Gratitude, and Kara's Surprise Announcement, on The Anti-Drug Show.

Anti-Drug Show: RIP LB TV - Guest Courtney Mattes

10.13.14 08:52:58

RIP LB TV on The Anti-Drug Show - Jennifer and her guest, artist Courtney Mattes, talk about offering safe, creative activities to young people in the community.

The Anti-Drug Show: RIP LB-TV - John McNally on Creating Social Epidemics

08.29.14 17:19:08

RIP LB-TV - Jennifer's guest, John McNally, Associate Director, the Energeia Partnership at Molloy College, discusses Malcolm Gladwell's ideas on creating social epidemics, from Gladwell's book The Tipping Point.

Anti-Drug Show - Jenn & Kara on RIP LB TV

07.22.14 14:15:42

Jenn & Kara Talk About F.I.S.T. and the July 25 Event at the Long Beach Middle School.

Anti-Drug Show - RIP LB Branches Out

07.03.14 17:05:22

Anti-Drug Show - RIP LB Branches Out

RIP LB was started by Jennifer Lebowitz and a small group of civic-minded residents of the Long Beach area to help stem the tide of drug-related tragedies that swept the south shore of Long Island in late 2013.

Since that time, RIP LB has grown, partnering with organizations like Long Beach Reach, which itself has grown, to carry messages of hope to individuals and families struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

RIP LB is focused on delivering information about resources, and, Ms. Lebowitz hopes, embodying the change its members wish to manifest.

Along with information and resources about addiction and mental health diseases, RIP LB is working with community groups and meetups to enhance the quality of life of Long Island's communities.

Anti-Drug Show - Introducing F.I.S.T.

04.11.14 11:09:14

Anthony Rizzuto, founder of F.I.S.T., Families in Support of Treatment, talks about how this grass roots organization is working towards the establishment of a law that would force insurance companies to pay for drug and alcohol treatment, when prescribed by a professional.

Anti-Drug Show - Parents of OD Victims, Scott

04.08.14 10:05:23

Anti-Drug Show - Scott Talks About his Son's Overdose.

Anti-Drug Show - Parents of OD Victims

03.28.14 16:32:13

Rita discusses her son's overdose with other bereaved parents.

Anti-Drug Show - Local Pediatrician Describes Signs of Opiate Abuse

03.24.14 18:14:04

Dr. Matthew Cohen, a pediatrician on the south shore of Nassau County, describes signs of opiate abuse, or as he called it, a "H.E.A.D.S. Assessment" at the Long Beach "Truth About Drugs" forum, mediated by Police Commissioner Michael Tangney.

School Superintendent Addresses Drug Issue

03.21.14 15:04:52

Long Beach School Superintendent David Weiss talks about health class content, working with or referring at-risk students, and gateway drugs.

Anti-Drug Show: Police Forum In Long Beach, Part 3, Nassau's Eden Laikin on How to Reverse Overdoses

03.18.14 10:42:49

At the Truth About Drugs Forum in Long Beach, Eden Laikin, Chair, Nasau Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, talks about Narcan and how to reverse overdoses, along with some interesting statistics.

Long Beach Anti-Drug Forum 2 - Judi Vining, Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking

03.16.14 13:15:41

At the Long Beach "Truth About Drugs" Forum, moderated by Police Commissioner Michael Tangney, Judi Vining, Coordinator of the Commission to Prevent Underage Drinking talks about a 5 question tool that, just by asking its questions, reduces underage drinking.

Rick Demarakis of Sail - the South Shore Association for Independent Living discusses the relationship between addiction and mental health.

LB Police Commis. Tangney Moderates Truth Forum on Drugs

03.14.14 08:49:32

Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney moderated an hour long "Truth About Drugs" community forum at City Hall at 7pm on March 12, designed to dispell misinformation via offering facts presented by experts.

In Part 1, he introduces the panel and the subject, citing statistics and explaining that "we do not have established heroin dealing in Long Beach." Part 1 of a Series.

Anti-Drug Show: Nassau County Responds to Long Beach Tragedies, Offers Narcan to Public

03.11.14 11:40:31

Eden Laikin, Chair of Nassau County's Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, responds to the recent overdoses in Long Beach, and demonstrates Narcan, which can reverse heroin and painkiller overdoses.

Anti-Drug Show: Jenn From the Block Responds to ODs With Facebook Page

03.07.14 15:14:18

Jennifer Lebowitz grew up in Long Beach and was horrified by recent overdoses and other preventable deaths.

In response, she started the Facebook page RIP LB, which has since taken on a life of its own.

Anti-Drug Show - Anthony Rizzuto, 2

02.28.14 16:08:25

Anthony Rizzuto talks about the mechanics of addiction and denial.

What must happen before the addict can change?

Anti-Drug Show - Anthony Rizzuto, Seafield 1

02.24.14 10:19:21

Anti-Drug Show: Anthony Rizzuto of Seafield and F.I.S.T. talks about what you DON'T know about heroin and oxys.

Anti-Drug Show: A Life Not Wasted in Vain, 3

02.11.14 12:19:38

Nancy R. and Nancy M.-P. discuss the obstacles to getting help. Addiction, recovery, detoxes and doctors.

Anti-Drug Show: A Life Not Wasted in Vain, 2

02.03.14 19:39:12

In Part 2 of The Anti-Drug Show, A Life Not Wasted in Vain, Nancy R. and Nancy M.-P. talk about Jesse's passing, about addiction, and things for parents to consider.

Anti-Drug Show - Episode 1, A Loss in Long Beach

01.30.14 09:47:49

Two dear friends, Nancy R. and Nancy M.-P. discuss the tragic, drug-related death of Nancy R.'s son Jesse.