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Ernestly Speaking - with Ernie Fazio (Demo)

07.10.17 12:15:30

Ernestly Speaking - with Ernie Fazio (Demo)

Ernie Fazio, Chairman of LIMBA presents Musings on July 4, 1776.

AccountTips - International Business

02.29.16 10:42:49

AccountTips - Brought to your by The Accounting Services of Steven H. Silberman, CPA
Today's episode: International Business

AccountTips - Business Advisory and CFO Services

02.08.16 07:46:20

AccountTips - Business Advisory and CFO Services

Brought to you by The Accounting Services of Steven H. Silberman, CPA.

Long Island Business - Long Beach Chamber Controversy

01.17.16 15:15:38

Long Island Business - Jan. '16 - The January 2016, Long Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting was controversial and contentious. Hot debate centered on the election of the coming year's slate of officers.

Your Small Business TV Show

06.15.15 07:23:25

Your business can have its very own, multi-episode TV show, advertised to thousands in your demographic and geographic area. Call 516-432-1559 to learn more!

Salil Zaveri Show - Do's & Don'ts of Buying Insurance

02.01.15 13:03:03

Salil Zaveri Show - What's the right amount of insurance? How can the proper policy help with a career change? How does one make decisions about life insurance? Disability? Umbrella insurance? Salil Zaveri explains.

Salil Zaveri - Why Choose Us

01.13.15 11:49:57

On Long Island Business TV - Salil Zaveri explains why choosing an independent consultant is the best choice.

Salil Zaveri - Three Types of Consulting Services

01.11.15 10:22:29

Salil Zaveri, who has been in the insurance industry for 36 years, offers three types of consulting services: non-profit, sales and insurance consulting.

Heidi Krantz - Professional Coaching

01.04.15 07:54:05

Heidi Krantz - of Reinvention Life Coaching discusses her approach to Effective Communication, Team Building and Professional Coaching.

Heidi Krantz - Dating Coaching

01.02.15 12:28:35

You may already be a client Heidi Krantz of Reinvention Life Coaching has helped with Life Coaching or Divorce Coaching, and now may be the perfect time to work with Heidi on Dating Coaching. Heidi explains.

Heidi Krantz - Divorce Coaching

12.24.14 09:50:58

Heidi Krantz of Reinvention Life Coaching explains why Divorce Coaching might be exactly what you need!

Heidi Krantz - Reinvention Life Coaching

12.09.14 11:09:12

Heidi Krantz of Reinvention Life Coaching talks about her approach to Life Coaching.

The Better Baseboard Cover

10.19.14 15:30:14

The Better Baseboard Cover - Imagine a baseboard heater cover that doesn't dent, won't rust, and is whisper quiet.

Well, The Better Baseboard Cover is here!

Long Island Business TV - with guest, David Gussin - Part 2

07.30.14 16:31:26

Long Island Business TV - with guest, David Gussin.

In Part 2, David talks about the new program he is producing in partnership with LongIslandNY.tv, LI Matters with David Gussin, which will spotlight businesses, networkers, charities, events and positivity, all over Long Island.

Stay tuned!

Long Island Business with David Gussin

07.23.14 12:14:06

David Gussin talks about The Everything Bagel, 516 Ads, Networking & Branding. Stay tuned for David's new show LI Matters, with David Gussin, which can be seen on LongIslandNY.tv & 516Ads.com beginning in early August.

LIBI-TV - The LIBI Builders EXPO

03.25.14 12:50:50

LIBI CEO Mitch Pally discusses the Builders EXPO, which is Wed., 3/26 
at the Hilton Long Island,
598 Broadhollow Road (Rt. 110), Melville.

Mitch also talks about LIBI Builders' efforts on behalf of the young people and seniors of Long Island. 

ASQLI-TV - 2014 Member Recognition Dinner

03.04.14 12:21:19

The 2014 ASQ Long Island Member Recognition Dinner was held at Bertucci's Restaurant on Rt. 110, was emceed by Kerry Donelan, Treasurer and Megan Dowling, Audit Chair, and featured ice breakers, Section Chair Sam Prasad's overview of this past year's events and a look at events and education in the coming year.

The American Society for Quality is a professional organization dedicated to the progress of quality practices in all industries on Long Island.