Debbie' Says-TV Starring Debbie Ginsberg

Debbie Says TV - Helping Seniors Age in Place - Part 2

02.20.15 07:15:37

Debbie Says TV - Helping Seniors Age in Place - Part 2

How Debbie helps client Ellen's inlaws age In place by making changes in their apartment.

Debbie Says TV - Helping Seniors Age in Place

01.29.15 07:51:32

Debbie welcomes guest Ellen Feldman, whose inlaws she is helping to age in place.

Debbie Says TV - When Seniors Have to Move

01.14.15 10:25:57

Debbie talks about helping seniors who have to move.

What constitutes a "senior," why do they move, and what are their needs?


Debbie Says TV - Managing Our Messy Men

12.15.14 07:30:55

The Uncluttered DomainDebbie Says TV - Supporting Sons, Helping Husbands - Managing Our Messy Men... with a little help from Prestige Garage.

Debbie Says TV - The Family Organizing

12.01.14 13:54:06

Debbie Says "Organize Your Kids!"

Think it's impossible? Not so fast!

Debbie Ginsberg of The Uncluttered Domain, which helps families in Nassau County, Long Island and Queens NY declutter, unclutter and organize, explains how.

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Organizing Your Kitchen

11.07.14 15:04:57

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Debbie Says: Here's How To Organize Your Kitchen!

Featuring ShelfGenie!

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Who Do I Help?

10.20.14 06:44:01

On Debbie's Uncluttered Domain: Debbie explains how she can help hoarders and the organizing challenged.

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Closets!

10.03.14 10:08:21

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Debbie Says: Don't Let Your Closet Drive You Crazy!

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Debbie Helps Seniors

09.14.14 11:29:04

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Host Debbie Ginsberg explains how her own life experience led her to begin helping seniors cope with moving, downsizing and clutter.