AM-TV - Alternative Modalities

Monica Bennett - Good Things Come To Those...

09.10.15 04:38:46

Monica Bennett - Navigating Uncertainty With Faith and Courage - Good things come to those who expect them.

Monica Bennett - Empowering YOU!

03.27.15 05:32:47

Monica Bennett is an Empowerment Coach who can help you find your power, overcome challenges, reach goals and believe in yourself.

Eileen Lichtenstein - Stress and Anger Management In The Workplace

03.01.15 13:51:55

Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance and Power talks about Stress and Anger Management In The Workplace, Dealing with Difficult People and Time and Stress Management

Eileen Lichtenstein - How EFT Can Help You!

02.16.15 06:26:09

Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance & Power explains how EFT can address a variety of unwanted conditions and feelings, followed by a free demonstration.

Lorena Clark TV - Skin Shift DNA Skin Care

01.26.15 06:18:31

Lorena talks about Qivana's Skin Shift, which delivers personalized skin care based on the user's DNA.

Lorena Clark TV - Core & Prime

01.18.15 09:03:01

On Alternative Modalities TV - Lorena talks about Qivana's Core System for Optimal Aging and the Prime Activator for Cardiovascular Health.

Eileen Lichtenstein - Peak Performance Success Coach!

01.15.15 13:29:54

On Alternative Modalities TV: Eileen Lichtenstein is a Peak Performance Success Coach who uses a variety of modalities to help her clients succeed.

Lorena Clark TV - The Metaboliq System from Qivana

01.09.15 13:13:31

Lorena Clark-TV - Lorena talks about resetting your metabolism, feeling younger, having less cravings but more energy with the Metaboliq System. Great for diabetics and for weight loss too!

Lorena Clark TV - Who I am, How We Change

01.06.15 07:21:12

An introduction to Lorena T. Clark - who she is, and how people can change their lives beginning with breakfast and a little exercise.