Sponsors and Advertisers

Sponsors, Co-Producers, Underwriters and Advertisers

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LongIslandNY.tv offers businesses and organizations several low-cost means of participating:

Advertising: Buy a banner ad and your branding will appear in front of thousands of pairs of eyes, at a very low cost. Advertising is also available within the video stream: at the start or finish of programs. We offer custom-designed ad programs to fit your need and your budget. Click for a media kit.

Underwriting: for companies, individuals and organizations who wish to support a particular type of program, underwriting can be a perfect solution. The underwriter pays for all or a portion of the program and their name or brand appears alongside, within the program stream (e.g., prior to and/or following the program), and even as part of the program's title.

Co-Producing: Another way to participate and deliver your brand and content to thousands of viewers is by joining with us to co-produce content. Together we arrive at a production cost that both reflects the requirements of the program and meets your business's or organization's budget and we work together to produce content that reflects your vision. To learn more, please contact us.

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